Binance’s Record $295M Stablecoin Outflow: What it Means for Crypto Markets


  • Binance has recently seen the largest net outflow of stablecoins in its history.
  • Glassnode’s report reveals a significant decrease in USD value and stablecoin balances.
  • The CFTC lawsuit has mainly impacted those who hold stablecoins, with no significant outflows for Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Binance’s Record $295M Daily Stablecoin Outflow

Binance has been thrust into the spotlight due to recent developments, including a Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) lawsuit and ongoing stablecoin outflows. A Glassnode report confirmed that the net flow volume of stablecoins from Binance had surged to an unprecedented $295 million per day. This level of net stablecoin outflow is unmatched on the network. Despite this, there were no notable outflows for Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). The data suggests that investors are pulling their money primarily from stablecoins.

CFTC Lawsuit Against Binance

The legal action taken against Binance by CFTC sent shockwaves through the crypto market. While it is still too early to determine what impact this will have on the broader cryptocurrency landscape, it is clear that such events can have far-reaching implications. In particular, many are questioning the security and stability of Binance as a result of these developments.

Glassnode Uncovers Unprecedented Stablecoin Outflow

Glassnode’s net flow volume estimates the number of crypto assets leaving or entering an exchange. Usually, when this metric shows a positive value, it means that a large number of assets are being transferred to the exchange. However, in Binance’s case, there have been negative spikes indicating increased withdrawals from buyers – specifically with regard to stablecoins. Glassnode commented on this situation by saying that „there is little evidence of investors fleeing from [Binance].“

Bitcoin & Ethereum Remain Steady

Despite all this turmoil surrounding Binance and its relationship with CFTC, Bitcoin and Ethereum remain relatively unaffected by these events – they have not seen any major outflows at present according to Glassnode’s data. On the contrary, BTC inflows into Binance appear to be increasing instead of decreasing despite current market conditions.

< h2 >Conclusion In conclusion , while it remains unclear how things will play out in regards to CFTC ’s lawsuit against Binance , one thing is certain : investors are continuing to pull their money primarily from stablecoins rather than other forms of cryptocurrencies . With Bitcoin and Ethereum remaining relatively unscathed , only time will tell if this trend continues .