Explore Web3, Digital Assets and Crypto at Decrypt Studios Live Events

• Live Events are interactive panels, interviews and awards gala, hosted by Decrypt Studios, with topics about Web3, digital assets and cryptocurrency.
• Blocknative CEO Matt Cutler discussed his Web3 origin story and Blocknative’s business at 0xpo Crossroads in San Francisco.
• Actor David Bianchi spoke to Decrypt’s Jason Nelson before a public table read of his upcoming show „RZR“ which will feature Ethereum and other digital assets.

Live Events have become an important part of the cryptocurrency and Web3 space. Decrypt Studios has been hosting a variety of different events, ranging from panels and interviews to awards galas, in order to keep the public informed and engaged with the latest topics and developments.

At 0xpo Crossroads in San Francisco on November 3, Blocknative CEO Matt Cutler sat down with Decrypt’s Jason Nelson to tell his Web3 origin story and discuss Blocknative’s business. Cutler spoke about common misconceptions in the crypto space and the importance of keeping a close eye on the development and implementation of decentralized technology.

Veteran actor David Bianchi also spoke to Decrypt’s Jason Nelson right before a public table read for Bianchi’s upcoming drama series „RZR“, which will be distributed through Gala Films. The show is set in a dystopian future Los Angeles and will feature Ethereum and other digital assets as part of the plot. Bianchi conducted two NFT drops to build engagement from fans.

In December 2022 at Art Basel in Miami, Decrypt Studios held the inaugural Crypties awards gala. Emceed by Josh Ostrovsky („The Fat Jewish“) and presented by a range of crypto projects, statuettes were awarded in nine categories. The evening was sponsored by Polygon, Filecoin Foundation, Lamina1, Async, BeetsDAO, The Gold Mask, Gem Set, Breakout, Anonymous, Infinite Objects, Ape Water, Decentralized Pictures, and Vault 721.

At Web Summit in Lisbon, Tezos co-founder Kathleen Breitman discussed how the Tezos blockchain has used a proof-of-stake mechanism since its inception, her admiration for Tendermint, Ethereum and sharding, progressive decentralization, and NFT gaming with Decrypt’s Stephen Graves.

Live Events continue to be a great way to stay up to date with the latest topics and developments in the Web3, digital asset and cryptocurrency space. From interviews and panels to awards gala with special guests, Decrypt Studios is providing a platform for the public to get an inside look at the latest projects and news.

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