Legends of the Mara: Claim Your Free Vessels Before Global Launch!

• Yuga Labs has announced a new 2D game, Legends of the Mara, which will come with its own NFT collection.
• Otherdeed NFT holders can claim free vessels before the game’s official launch in May.
• Daily Otherdeed NFT trading volume has increased by 320%, and the floor price has risen 28.69%.

Yuga Labs Unveils Legends of the Mara Game for Otherdeed NFT

Yuga Labs announced today that they are releasing a new 2D blockchain game titled Legends of the Mara, that will be accompanied by its own NFT collection. The narrative of the game will pick up where The Second Trip to the Otherside left off and Otherdeed NFT holders can claim free vessels before its global release in May 2023.

Otherdeed Trading Volume Skyrockets

Following this news, daily trading activity for Otherdeed NFTs on OpenSea skyrocketed to 7,158 Ethereum (ETH) transactions over 24 hours, totaling more than $12 million in sales. The floor price for these digital assets is now 1.7245 Ethereum (ETH). Additionally, Bored Ape Yacht Club’s original collection also experienced a 179% increase in trading volume within 24 hours.

Claim Free Vessels Before Launch

Legends of the Mara won’t officially launch until May and there is no specific date yet; however, Otherdeed owners have an opportunity to get ahead by claiming their Vessels beforehand and discovering their potential as they forge their path through this virtual world. These characters are still far from Koda—the rarest and most powerful character in this narrative—who is one of the primary keepers of Otherside.

Beware of Phishing Attacks

Unfortunately, users should take caution when visiting websites related to Yuga Labs‘ products as there are many phishing attacks posing as official pages circulating online that can put users at risk of malicious intent or data theft if visited. To avoid any issues with security or counterfeit websites, it is advised to only visit trusted sources such as official website links shared on twitter or other social media platforms verified by Yuga Labs themselves.


Legends of the Mara is set to offer players an exciting new experience with its dedicated NFT collections; however users must take extra steps to ensure that they are accessing authentic sources when searching for more information on this upcoming game or any others from Yuga Labs in order to protect their personal data from any malicious content online